Written by Devin Flanigan
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Microline distinguishes itself from the competition with the innovative design elements used for its reverse osmosis water systems. These patented breakthroughs allow Microline to be a leader in water filtration by building a better reverse osmosis system. The word is out that Microline means better water and lower maintenance.

Reverse osmosis is at the heart of many water filtration systems. By using pressure to force water across a semi-permeable membrane, reverse osmosis separates not only solid contaminants from the water such as dirt and sediments, but even dissolved solids such as toxic chemicals introduced to our water supply. Between acid rain, corporate pollution and security concerns, there is plenty more to worry about in our nation's water supply today than ever before.

Reverse Osmosis Working For You

Microline systems use a patented manifold plate to guide the water through the various stages of the process. This means no forcing water through individual connections at each stage, saving time, money and maintenance concerns. Microline even knows when you have enough purified water for the time being, and shuts down to save energy--and save you money!

There are plenty of great companies with reverse osmosis systems on the market today. Do some research, ask around, and be sure to compare features and prices between companies. The best distributors of quality water filtration systems are only too eager to make sure that you are getting the system that fits your needs best.

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