Mini Water Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Mini water coolers are just cute! Holding a half-gallon water bottle, these crocks with decorative patterns provide refreshing water while extending the motif in your kitchen, or your home or work office. To round out the complete outfit, each of the mini water coolers has its own cup, also decorated in the same pattern as the mini crock. The matching cup fits right under the mini faucet, so it has a safe resting place when not in use.

What kind of design do you find most attractive? From red hot chili peppers to angels, from cows to pandas--these water coolers have colors and themes to suit anyone. All come with a bunch of minis: mini crock, mini stand, mini faucet, half-gallon water bottle.

Three-Dimensional Mini Water Coolers

Some of these water crocks have designs applied with a decal, and they include child-angels with bunnies in pastel colors, and a pattern of deep-red apples. One set of crocks has a head shot of a friendly wolf, another a bucolic scene with many happy cows! A desert night scene decorates one of these minis, and beautiful red roses another.

A few of these adorable sets come in 3-D, with the raised design appearing in relief around the crock. Appropriate for a kitchen, one has carrots and beans; one has a desert scene, another has pandas, a third has roosters. The ever-popular red chili peppers decorates one of these three-dimensional mini water coolers.

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