Mini Water Dispensers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Mini water dispensers are really small ceramic crocks that accommodate a 1/2-gallon water bottle. Meant to be an individual-sized water supply, you could easily have several of these scattered throughout the house, with each room having its own appropriately-decorated mini crock. Since each little crock comes with its own cup with an identical design on it, these matching items form a decorative unit.

Because there is a wide variety of patterns on these mini water dispensers, each room or niche could have a dispenser with a different subject. For the children's rooms, cute puppies or baby bears would be cute. In the kitchen, grape clusters or bananas/apples/grapes would look great.

Mini Water Dispensers Go in Every Room

Angel themes are on many crocks, both these minis and the full-sized sets. A particularly appealing design has angels watching over a newborn baby in a bassinet. This would be very effective in a nursery with a real newborn baby, where parents may not be able to leave the room for a while, but need refreshment.

Sunflowers have become a popular subject in recent years, and you will find several different patterns on minis and larger crocks. For those who love the desert, various desert scenes are depicted, one with cactus, hills, and flying birds, and the other a night scene with dark hills and deep blue sky. For the holidays, there are Santa Claus mini water dispensers, and Christmas angels, and baby bears with Christmas hats.

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