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Written by Devin Flanigan
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Removing harmful contaminants and minerals from our drinking water often has an unintended consequence that is not desirable. In removing the bad, too often we remove the good as well: minerals that provide us with much needed nutrition and than often improve the taste of our water. Water filtration and purification has always been a delicate balance between removing what is harmful and retaining what is healthful.

It is not only our health to consider, either. The health of your home's pipes and plumbing can be as expensive to maintain as that of a human being. Minerals found in water such as calcium and magnesium can create a hard scale buildup in the pipes that reduces flow and impedes healthy water distribution. Solutions like water softening often substitute corrosive salt in these other minerals' place, creating a whole new set of expensive problems.

Mountain Pure Filters and Plumbing Products

Fortunately, there are solutions that strike a balance between healthy pipes and healthy people, between clean water and delicious water. Mountain Plumbing is best known for its gorgeous yet practical faucet designs and fixtures--and with good reason. The Scots at Mountain Plumbing, however, also manufacture Mountain Pure filters.

These signature filters are made of ceramic for a durable, high-quality filter. Harmful pollutants are screened out of your drinking water, while healthful amounts of important minerals remain. Mountain Pure filters from Mountain Plumbing provide an excellent balance in water filtration solutions. And they look great doing it, too!

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