Plastic Dispensers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Plastic dispensers for water are a practical solution wherever there might be a problem with breakage. If there are children in the home, for example, plastic may make better water dispensers than ceramic crocks. When you consider that crocks are perched on a floor stand, babies might be tempted to pull themselves up on the legs, and children would probably want to get their own water.

Another advantage of plastic dispensers is that they are compact. For those in a studio apartment with little extra floor space, or in a small office where space is at a premium, these dispensers allow for a supply of purified water without taking up any room on the floor. Finally, they are cheap; they cost only a few dollars, yet do the same job as more expensive crocks.

Plastic Dispensers Have Small Footprints

There is quite a variety of these sturdy, durable dispensers, so that if a person prefers plastic for any reason, it is possible to find one that is appealing. Different styles accommodate various tastes in accouterments in a living area. Some dispensers are utilitarian, and some are a bit more dapper.

A countertop version is white and more-or-less square, but with rounded edges. Another style entirely, with a more stacked look, comes in sky blue or black. The most modern looking is shaped something like a dome and is glossy white. Finally, there are transparent plastic dispensers that can sit on counter stands. These "match" the transparent bottles of water that are placed on top, thereby creating a unified appearance.

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