Polyethylene Tubings

Written by Devin Flanigan
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It is impossible to filter water without distributing it through the water filtration system. Whereas rigid pipes were once thought to be the ideal solution for any distribution of water, savvy consumers now know better. Polyethylene tubing is a superior product for use with almost any home or commercial water filtration solution.

These flexible synthetic tubes are dynamic and resistant to kinks. They can be easily cut and bent to fit any size or shape needed by the requirements of the project. Leak resistant, fine polyethylene tubing can handle up to 100 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure, vastly more than is necessary for most filtration systems.

One Word for You: Polyethylene

Plastics have transformed almost every conceivable human endeavor in the past few decades. The ability to mass-produce cheaper, lighter materials has been responsible for breakthroughs in the fields of energy, transportation, and space exploration. We take these giant leaps for granted, seldom stopping to reflect on the ease with which synthetic materials help us live our lives.

Water filtration and purification is necessary to ensure that your family is drinking and using water free from harmful contaminants and parasites. Polyethylene tubing allows manufacturers to make more efficient systems available at a lower price, making clean water available on any budget.

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