Portable Air Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Portable air coolers are a most convenient solution to the problem of hot days, or stuffy offices, or uneven cooling by an air conditioning system. Acting as both air coolers and air humidifiers, these handy units can be placed in a corner, along a wall, or beside furniture. Compact and highly effective, they can be used in small or large spaces, as they can cool a 10 x 20-foot room.

Huge office buildings have central air conditioning, but, as everyone who has worked in even small areas knows, these systems do not cool evenly. Some employees in certain areas or offices will freeze, while others elsewhere work in muggy conditions. This is exactly the kind of problem that portable air coolers can solve.

Portable Air Coolers Cool and Humidify

With a height of around 30 inches, and about 14 inches deep and 15 inches wide, these small machines can be operated by remote control. Their two-gallon, water-and-ice tank provides an ample supply of cooling material for as long as it takes to lower temperatures by 10-25 degrees. On a hot day, or in a stuffy, enclosed space, these units can make any area livable again.

Cooling and humidifying, portable air coolers are designed to bring a comfortable level of moisture and temperature to a home or office. Central air conditioning and heating tend to dry out the air, leading to itchy and uncomfortable skin. These fully-adjustable coolers can be regulated to find just the right balance for employees.

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