Pur Water Filters

Written by Josh Dodes
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Pur water filters richly deserve their reputation as among the best in the business. And for good reason: such filters produce clean, clear water at the tap. However, even Pur water filters cannot alleviate the increasingly serious plumbing problem of scale buildup that results from hard water.

As you may already be aware, hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, minerals that are both natural and integral to our body's health. The problem with hard water is that the same minerals that our important to our well-being are potentially disastrous for the well-being of our plumbing. By adhering to the inside of our pipes, these minerals constrict water flow and place an ever-growing burden on even the most modern plumbing.

A Choice to Surpass Pur Water Filters

But if Pur water filters cannot protect our pipes from "hardness minerals," and if whole house water softening systems protect our pipes only by removing minerals our bodies need, what is the best solution? The best solution, thanks to an innovative group of filtration experts, is a proprietary new solution known as carbon filtration. By filtering water as it enters your home and by rendering less adhesive--rather than removing--natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium, these exceptional new systems offer a win-win solution that savvy homeowners can use.

With your health and that of your pipes both on the lines, there is no reason to take chances. And now that the best carbon filtration systems are so affordable, you no longer have to. After all, pure is one thing, but pure and protective is something else altogether.

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