Pure Water Faucets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pure water faucets both protect the enclosed water supply and permit individual servings of clean water. Whether the water is stored in ceramic crocks, water coolers, or plastic dispensers, the water must remain clean and free of dust, dirt, and other pollution. By employing a small opening filled with regulated faucets, or spigots, water containers preserve the original purity of the water.

The openings on the spigots are closed also, and only a push button or lever allows momentary dispensing of water. Normally, no source of contamination can enter the enclosed water source. Care must be taken, however, to clean the crock or container, and the pure water faucets as well. Bacterial contamination would be a serious problem, but it can be prevented with regular cleaning.

Types of Pure Water Faucets

Crocks usually come with a lever-type spigot, and these can be obtained in colors that match the dominant color in a decorated crock or in a room: white, black, navy blue, green. Push button spigots are made in red and blue, for hot and cold water, and these have an end button that releases the water. Reid spigots are also push button, but the button is on top of the spigot for easier access.

Reverse osmosis faucets are an integral part of a reverse osmosis system that fits under a kitchen sink. Depending on the size of the system and tank, the pure water faucets can be slender or full-size, lead-free faucets. All types of faucets have replacement parts available online or from water supply outlets.

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