Written by Devin Flanigan
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The good people at Rainshow'r in San Gabriel, California wake up every day with but one goal in mind: destroy chlorine. That pesky little poisonous gas has met its match in the line of shower and bath dechlorinating devices cooked up by Rainshow'r. This company has been working on this problem for over 15 years and the competition could learn a thing or two from them.

We put chlorine in our pool because it's the best it is at what it does: killing. In fact, chlorine is so good at killing that it is still the chemical most widely used for decontaminating municipal water supplies. That means that the same chlorine that wipes out bacteria makes its way into your home every day, and into the bodies of your family members.

Chlorine: You're Soaking in It

Most people aware of the hazards of this toxin make it a point to filter chlorine out of their drinking water. This is very important to do, as you don't want this poison inside your body. However, do you really want to bathe and shower in chlorine, too? Remembering what your hair and skin feel like after a dip in the pool should be all the incentive you need to try one of the innovative products made by Rainshow'r.

Filter at the source with a special shower nozzle that filters out chlorine. Partial to baths? Rainshow'r has a great solution: the crystal ball. No installation necessary for this wonder doodad--just drag it through your bath water and say goodbye to public enemy number one. Rainshow'r even makes special garden hose nozzles so your grass and plants can be spared the pain of chlorine as well. It is easy to protect your household from chlorinated water if you simply know where to look.

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