Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Written by Josh Dodes
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In the last few years, an impressive alternative to reverse osmosis water filters has finally emerged. And not a moment too soon. After all, while reverse osmosis water filters indeed remove unsafe particles from your drinking water, they also remove minerals that your body needs, such as calcium and magnesium. Add to that sacrifice the fact that such systems also waste gallons of water in the process, and you have a water "solution" that is not so appealing a solution after all.

Fortunately, an innovative new alternative to reverse osmosis simultaneously removes unsafe particles and preserves healthful minerals, without wasting substantial amounts of water in the process. Affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly, carbon filtration represents nothing short of a revolution in water filtration. If you are a homeowner, it is incumbent upon you to explore this impressive new option.

An Option Besides Reverse Osmosis Water Filters and Water Softeners

In addition to providing an innovative option that improves upon reverse osmosis water filters, carbon filtration also provides a key advantage over whole house water softeners, as well. Though water softeners are somewhat more efficient than reverse osmosis systems, much of that efficiency comes from their use of corrosive salts to eliminate "hardness minerals"--salts which can damage your plumbing over time. As such, carbon filtration's capacity to provide healthful water without waste or piping damage makes it the clear option for savvy, conscientious consumers.

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