Shower Head Water Filters

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Many people feel comfortable filtering only their drinking water, failing to realize that the amount of water with which they come in contact in the shower is far greater than the amount they ingest. Shower head water filters are a valuable yet inexpensive way to make sure all the water that touches your body is free from dangerous contaminants.

Chlorine is a common additive to municipal water supplies because it is a legendary killer of all sorts of nasty things. The same chemical that you use to clean your pool was used in World War I chemical warfare. Our first instinct after swimming is to shower off all that sticky chlorine, not realizing that our shower water is full of the same stuff.

Shower Head Water Filters Get the Chlorine Out

By filtering directly at the source of your shower water, shower head water filters are an incredibly effective and focused use of your resources. These filters install in seconds directly to your shower and can be replaced just as quick when the time comes. You'll feel cleaner right away and notice improvements in the look and feel of your hair and skin.

Feeling cleaner faster means you use less water, making shower head water filters friendly to the environment and your pocketbook. You can install one on every shower in your house to keep your whole family free from chlorine. Check the packaging or with your distributor to find out often these filters should be replaced, so you are always showering with the cleanest water possible.

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