Soft Water Benefits

Written by Josh Dodes
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Looking for a comprehensive take on those soft water benefits you hear so much about these days? How much is the simple vanity of a purist ethos and how much is backed by sound science? In fact, there are some substantial soft water benefits you should know about, but they come in more nuanced form than you might imagine.

Simply put, soft water is any water in which the levels of magnesium and calcium exist beneath a certain threshold. While some people believe such water is better for washing clothes and keeping pipes clean, there is something to be said for a certain base level of healthy minerals--which is why municipal water supplies are fortified in this way. The true answer is that not all water softeners do as good a job at keeping what you need and weeding out what you don't, and if you want to choose wisely you will need a better understanding of the chemistry involved.

Are Soft Water Benefits for Real?

There are two main kinds of water filtration systems: those that use salts, and those that use carbon. The salt filters create new sodium-based compounds with those minerals, effectively taking them out of the water supply by altering their chemical make-up. Carbon filters are far more selective, removing chlorine and other harmful contaminants while leaving a recommended allowance of healthful minerals in the water you and your family rely on.

If you do a little research, you will likely discover carbon water softeners are used more often at fine clubs, restaurants and hotels. Many good homes elect to use this environmentally friendly, superior technology rather than dealing with salt filters that need regular replacement. If you want to avail yourself of the best soft water benefits, you will need a system that makes the best use of that filtering power.

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