Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Ultraviolet light acts like an antibiotic when exposed to contaminated water in short, high bursts of energy. This light, outside the visible spectrum, can purify your water from the microbial living organisms that make their home there. Bacteria, viruses, and parasitic cysts are all found in the untreated water many of us drink every day.

By running the water through a tube where it is exposed to ultraviolet light, these organisms are destroyed, and your water no longer harbors within it the carriers of disease. Ultraviolet water purifiers can work in conjunction with other water treatment solutions such as sediment filters and reverse osmosis purifiers. Combining various solutions ensures that your water is as pure as humanly possible.

Ultraviolet Pure

Used for sterilization in a variety of medical and industrial settings, ultraviolet light is the best defense against the tiny denizens that make their home in our water table. A simple small metal tube channels the water through a chamber where it is exposed to a high dose of this light. The water that emerges from the tube is safe and delicious, and vital to living a healthy, active life.

Many ultraviolet systems come with small alarms that let you know when it is time to replace the light. Small and unobtrusive, this shiny tube will give you peace of mind that you are providing the purest water possible to the ones you love. Your ice cubes, recipes and cocktails will all benefit from this simple step which purifies your water and simplifies your life.

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