Water Bottle Caps

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water bottle caps may all look alike, but, in fact, there are several types to fit various water bottles of different sizes that are meant for a variety of activities. Probably everyone is familiar with the sports drink, pop-up screw cap. The cap keeps the water in the bottle, but the pop-up insert allows for a controlled drink of water. These practical water bottle caps enable on-the-go activists to carry refreshing water with them as they participate in their favorite outdoor activity.

For swimmers and others who enjoy water activities, Eazy Float caps and flexible handles ensure that your water bottle won't be separated from you by rough whitewater rafting jaunts. These rugged attachments for your water container let you carry and keep a water supply with you at all times. They come in great colors: black, blue, green, yellow, red, purple!

More Types of Water Bottle Caps

Snap caps have a small hole in the cap, topped by an attached piece that literally snaps when it closes. This type also allows for getting a drink of water without removing the entire cap; it just has a variation on the protection of the water outlet. These water cooler caps offer convenience for people who are outside, far from a clean water supply.

Simple screw caps come in various sizes to fit small and large water bottles. They are usually white, with no pop-ups or other tricky features. Most of the types of water bottle caps that have been described come in assortments, so you can pick and choose the appropriate top for your activity.

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