Water Bottles

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water bottles are a great modern convenience for those consumers who want the best drinking water possible. The reason for the upsurge in bottled water use is not good, for it is based on the unsatisfactory quality of our tap water, in general. People who are health-conscious have turned to bottled water to get better-tasting, cleaner water.

Water purification systems--particularly reverse osmosis systems--for the home and office enable users to connect to their water lines and remove impurities from tap water. To do a superior job of this cleansing requires a muli-filter system that depends for its efficiency on changing filters on a regular basis. With water bottles, the purification has already been done for you.

Water Bottles for Emergencies

Bottled water comes in very small containers and slightly larger containers for portability and for use during activities. Walking outdoors, playing tennis, or even attending meetings in halls with poor drinking water--bottled water lets you take water with you that you know is fresh and clean. For those who want an always-available supply of pure water at home or in the office, bottled water comes in two-, three-, four-, and five-gallon containers that can easily be stored for future use.

One of the most critical reasons to store water bottles is for emergency use. Whether you have earthquakes or tornados, flooding or wildfires, water is essential to life. In many emergencies, the water supply is one of the first things affected, often by contamination through breaks in lines. Storage of drinking water should be a top priority for everyone.

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