Water Cooler Caps

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water cooler caps are made in 28, 38, and 55 millimeters (mm) for the smaller water bottles, and 48 and 100 millimeters for the two-gallon bottles. Because the smaller bottles are more versatile, they have an array of water bottle caps that are appropriate for various activities. Meant to be portable water supplies, these bottles offer sport drink, pop-up caps that allow the user to get a drink on-the-run.

Snap caps have the same function--drinking water without much interruption of the activity. Screw caps are the simplest of all caps; they just screw onto the bottle and don't have any other function than to keep the water in the bottle. Eazy Float caps provide protection of your water supply during water activities--and they come in bright colors, such as purple and yellow.

Water Cooler Caps for Large Bottles

Larger water bottles also come with a variety of water cooler caps, depending on the use for the bottle. A gallon milk jug--opaque white, of course--has a 38mm locked cap, while a translucent, plastic gallon jug comes with a screw cap. Half-gallon bottles--they look like the larger three- and five-gallon containers--have sport drink, pop-up caps.

Although uncommon, a few of the three- and five-gallon containers have crown top caps that literally look like crowns because they rise above the lip of the bottle opening. Many of these types of water cooler caps are interchangeable because they have the same number of millimeters. A bottle that has a 38mm screw cap would also accommodate a 38mm pop-up cap.

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