Water Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water coolers are a great way to preserve the purity of clean drinking water. Rural water supplies that come from wells are suspect, and municipal water has been treated and reclaimed to bring supposedly safe water into your home and business. Newspaper and magazine articles are published regularly that question the standards used to declare our drinking water "safe."

If you would like to buy bottled spring water because you like the fresh taste, or because you think it more pure than tap water, water coolers are an excellent way to protect that purity by placing the water in an enclosed space. Keeping out dust, dirt, and creatures is critical; maintaining a clean container is essential to prevent any contamination from getting into water dispensers. In addition, water coolers are convenient and customized--if you want hot or cold water, it's right there at the handy spigot.

Water Coolers and Water Purification

There are several widely-used methods of water purification, all of them effective to one degree or another. The simplest is perhaps the containers that use filters to take out lead and other impurities from tap water. A second method includes a variety of attachments that fit onto a faucet and also take out lead and impurities.

Reverse osmosis systems are even more sophisticated, and are designed to eliminate almost all impurities from tap water, as well as freshen the taste and smell. Using sediment and carbon filters, these systems first remove dirt, then get rid of chlorine and bad tastes and odors. A complex system also can eliminate bacteria, sand, and almost all solids and lead.

Some people bypass all the devices and just buy bottled water that has been treated, or spring water that is advertised as pure, for their water coolers. With bottled water, the work of purification has been done for you, but you obviously pay more for this water than if you filtered your own tap water. On the other hand, using bottled water with water coolers gives you a ready supply of good water, either hot or cold.

Crocks and Products for Water Coolers

Water has always been a major health concern around the world. It has become a dominant issue in the United States, as environmental questions increasingly bring pollution to prominence. Use of bottled water has mushroomed in the last few years, as consumers seek some assurance about the quality of their drinking water.

Why not have fun with the functionality of bottled water? Crocks come in an amazing array of styles and motifs. Standard crocks store two gallons of water, and can accommodate two-, three-, and five-gallon containers. Themes include cowboys, red chili peppers, angels, American flags, eagles--and many more! Black-and-gold ceramic dispensers are works-of-art that enhance the most luxurious surroundings.

With the popularity of bottled water have come many types of crocks, caps, faucets, stands, water coolers and water bottles. These are essential items, of course, but customized versions and decorative spins have created some interesting variations, which are described in this site. Water has not only become an important issue, it has become an object for decorative play and entertainment!

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