Water Crocks

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water crocks not only are functional, but they bring beautiful, inspirational, patriotic, and whimsical scenes into our homes and offices. They usually hold two gallons of bottled drinking water and can accommodate two- to five-gallon water bottles. If this were the only reason to have them, though, there are plastic dispensers that are cheaper and just as functional.

Ceramic water crocks are excellent storage containers for water because the glaze is impervious to liquids. The slick surface of the crocks is easy to keep clean on the inside and the outside because it doesn't stain or absorb material that is dropped on it. The main reason to have ceramic crocks, however, is for their decorative value--we can have a patriotic message with the American flag, or an old-fashioned garden with lovely flowers.

Varied Scenes on Water Crocks

Many crocks have angels, usually childlike; they are portrayed in many different poses, sometimes with inspirational or religious messages. Equally represented are fruits of all types and vegetables for a country/kitchen motif. Roses, garlands of flowers, and flower garden scenes surrounding homey cottages are favorite decorations on water crocks.

The most exquisite art is found on the black-and-gold crocks, with swans, peacocks, iris and lilies in white on black backgrounds, with accents in gold. Humorous themes are always popular; black-and-white cows--sometimes just the spots!--decorate some crocks. Other fanciful designs include cowboys, cartoons, sunflowers, tropical fish, and bears.

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we picked these up and my yousegnt hasn't put his down, he LOVES his special water bottle. He can easily squeeze it and what I like the water doesn't taste like plastic if you leave the water sitting in it all day. Two thumbs up from me. :)My recent post