Water Dispensers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water dispensers are available in many different forms, colors, and designs. Bottled water, of course, is one of the most popular ways to obtain good, purified water in dispenser form. Some water bottles have their own faucets, or spigots, as in the fridge sizes. Plastic dispensers also come with faucets; these models sit on a counter, table, or counter stand, so they are handy without taking up floor space.

Another favorite form of water dispensers is the well-known water cooler, around which employees often gather in cartoons about office life. The fact that a cooler is so prominent shows its importance to the workplace in providing a fresh-tasting water supply. Not only does a cooler often have hot and cold water, but it frequently comes with a mini-refrigerator for storage of lunches and snacks.

Water Dispensers Are Varied

Many types of water dispensers are portable--water bottles of all shapes and sizes, and plastic dispensers, for instance. Some of the larger-capacity dispensers are meant to be stationary: water coolers, ceramic crock setups. Coolers come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from a round, black model, to a triangular, metallic silver unit.

Crocks are the really decorative pieces in the water dispenser category, with a range of subjects to suit everyone. These are produced with just about any type of motif you can imagine. Cactus and desert scenes, eagles and swans, orchards and peaches, carnations and chrysanthemums--you'll find all these and many, many more designs on ceramic crocks.

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