Water Distillers

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Water distillers take water purification to a whole new level of quality and ensure that your family drinks only the purest, safest water. We've all seen movies where someone forced to deliver a baby or perform emergency surgery shouts "Boil some water!" Boiling water helps get rid of many of the contaminants that plague our water supply. A similar principle applies to distilling water.

Water distillers bring water to a boil, at which point of course it turns into steam. The steam is pure and free of contaminants; however, it is rather hot and difficult to drink. When the steam cools and condenses back into water, everything that was not water has been separated out from it. Pure steam condenses into pure water.

Water Distillers Mean Safety

All of the pollutants that once resided in your untreated water--such nasty things as lead, bacteria, parasites, chlorine and arsenic--are left behind as a residue that is removed with routine cleaning. The water you pour out from your distiller is clean, fresh and delicious. Water distillers eliminate over 99 percent of all contaminants.

Water distillers come in all shapes and sizes, and at all prices. The main question to ask yourself is what volume of distilled water will you use each day. Don't forget about hidden water usage such as for making coffee, ice cubes, and your favorite recipes. Once the proper volume is determined, check for distillers that meet your price range and are pleasing to the eye.

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