Water Faucets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water faucets are manufactured to fit specific water supply units, or water dispensers, and these are standardized so you don't have to go looking for some unique spigot. These replacement parts enable the user to exchange the worn-out faucet with a new one, so the entire unit--water coolers, for instance--does not have to be replaced. They can also be substituted for a style or color that you do not care for, or that clashes with the color scheme of your decor.

Like many home gadgets and devices, water faucets come in many configurations and colors. An 11-inch, control swing faucet brings a modern, metallic look to a kitchen sink unit or a wash-up unit in a utility room. A stainless steel faucet protection sleeve adds a further touch of durability to the unit.

Water Faucets for Dispensers

Dispensers and water coolers do not have just one type of spigot, or faucet. They come in different types, each appropriate for a particular kind of dispenser. If you need a Reid 3/4 dispenser faucet, they come in white, beige, and green.

To designate hot or cold water in your water cooler, a safety cooler female faucet comes in red and blue. The 3/4 dispenser faucet that would be needed on most dispensers comes in black, navy blue, green, and white. Whatever kind of cooler or water dispenser you have, there are standard water faucets to fit and plenty of colors to choose from.

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