Water Filter Faucets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water filter faucets are integral to the workings of ceramic crocks, water coolers, and other dispensers of purified water. These enclosed containers preserve the cleanliness of the filtered water and store it in convenient quantities for daily use at home or at the office. Portable water supplies can be obtained in small bottles with pop-up water bottle caps, or five-gallon containers to fit water coolers.

Regardless of the size of the container, crocks and coolers depend on smoothly-operating water filter faucets, or spigots. These come in different designs, but all must operate smoothly without dripping when the lever is no longer lifted or when the button is released. For those who like matching color schemes, these spigots also come in attractive colors--red or blue to signify hot or cold water, and black, blue, green, or white.

Water Filter Faucets for Water Coolers

Many water coolers dispense hot water for making tea, instant coffee, or hot chocolate. They also provide either cool or cold water, depending on whether or not a compressor is installed. Water coolers depend on bottled water that has already had the impurities removed, and they store the water in a reservoir, often stainless steel.

Water filter faucets permit individuals to tap into the reservoir for small servings of clean water. Various types of spigots are made to fit different kinds of coolers. A safety cooler faucet has a push button on the end of the device; a Reid faucet has the push button on top. Crocks usually are supplied with a faucet with a lever that must be lifted to dispense the water.

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