Water Filtration Faucets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water filtration faucets on water coolers have a simple on/off design, but they come in various configurations and colors to match individual preferences. Most water coolers have a reservoir that can store two gallons of water for hot and cold servings, and can accommodate three-, four-, or five-gallon containers. Replacement water filtration faucets come in red to indicate hot water and blue to signify cool or cold water.

These particular water faucets, or spigots, are usually safety cooler faucets, which have an end button to push for water flow. This arrangement avoids the mishaps that occur when the lever on other types of water cooler faucets is accidentally lifted or depressed. A Reid-type faucet, which comes in white, green, and beige, also has a push button, but it is on the top of the faucet.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Faucets

One of the most common spigots for coolers is the 3/4 dispensing faucet that does have the lever that regulates water flow. These come in several colors: white, green, black, navy blue. When the lever is lifted slightly, less water will be dispensed than if the lever is opened fully. Replacement spigots are readily available online and through water supply stores.

Reverse osmosis systems come with their own water filtration faucets, often slender with a graceful arch. These units fit under the kitchen sink and attach to the cold water line. The faucet then fits above the sink and dispenses the good-tasting water that these systems are known for.

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