Water Fountains

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water fountains come in many configurations because they have become so popular in recent years among all groups of consumers. Some fountains are huge and meant for outdoor settings; some are small and suitable for a table top or corner arrangement. All, however, are meant to bring the soothing sounds and play of water into your environment to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Watching the movement of waterfalls, rivers, springs, and fountains is also calming, and mesmerizing. People are drawn to parks and recreation areas where the sights and sounds of water bring refreshing experiences and activities. No wonder people are eager to bring these experiences into their home or office with graceful water fountains.

Decorative Water Fountains

Indoor fountains are meant to have eye appeal, as well as to bring an outdoor occurrence inside. Decorative and functional, they act as mini air humidifiers while you dwell on the comforting effects of cascading water. Some fountains with natural materials and fashioned metals are expensive, but there are small water fountains that combine a theme with water movement that are delightful. A ballerina fountain, for example, has four tiers for water to play in, and a lovely ballerina on top.

No need for counter stands for these fountain displays; they sit on their own base and use electricity to pump the water. An optical illusion is created in the faucet fountain, which literally has a brass-colored water faucet stationed above the fountain. The tea kettle fountain also has a decorative tea kettle that appears to be pouring water onto the top tier of the fountain.

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