Water Purification Systems

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Water purification systems for the workplace and home range from ceramic crocks that store already-purified bottled water, to reverse osmosis systems that cleanse tap water. Your preferred system will likely depend on several factors: convenience, expense, and--the fun factor! Whichever factor is determinative will lead to your choice of water purification systems.

Convenience is in the eye of the beholder. Some, for instance, see buying bottled water, even when delivered, as inconvenient because of the bills, hauling water bottles back and forth, and remembering delivery dates! Others wouldn't go near tap water regardless of the ready supply of water.

Water Purification Systems for Everyone

Bottled water, however, has already done the job of eliminating most of the pollutants from water, so in that sense, it is convenient. It does require, though, some kind of water dispenser, and this is where the fun comes in. Crocks are created in an incredible array of designs and colors, from cartoons, to old-fashioned flower arrangements, to apples/strawberries/peaches/pineapples.

If you just want water purification systems that hook up to your kitchen sink water lines, you will find these probably have a larger initial outlay, but you aren't paying for bottled water. Reverse osmosis systems and any other filter system will need to have filters replaced as they become full of the extracted impurities from tap water. These filters are high-quality sediment/carbon items that are not cheap, so this must be taken into account when deciding on what type of purification system to get.

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