Whole House Water Filters

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Filtering your drinking water is a no-brainer in this day and age. Our untreated drinking water is filled with chemical and biological hazards that most people prefer never even to think about. Having pure, clean drinking water is a necessary first step in protecting the health of your family. But what about all of the other water with which your family comes in contact?

Whole house water filters clean all of the water that makes its way into your household. Rather than just a faucet filter, whole house filters target every point of ingress for water in your house. This means that your laundry and dishes are cleaned with purified water, as are the members of your family themselves when bathing and showering. Your lawn is watered with water free of harmful contaminants as well.

Whole House Water Filters Eliminate All Worries

The benefits of pure water are not limited to the area of health alone, but rather encompass the economic and labor spheres as well. Untreated water builds up a hard scale in your pipes, drastically decreasing your water heater's efficiency and sending your energy bills through the roof. This scale also builds up on your tubs, sinks and toilets, and leaves your clothes and dishes with an unpleasant residue.

Whole house water filters eliminate all of these problems, reducing your water and energy consumption, and leaving you with cleaner, brighter clothes--and kids! Knowing that all of your water is of the same great quality simplifies your life, and makes water purification something you rarely have to think about.

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