Copper Aircraft Weathervanes

Written by Patty Yu
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Outdoor accessories come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, from copper aircraft weathervanes to glass finials. Many homeowners enjoy personalizing their home and garden decor with unique or rare items. When it comes to weathervanes, enthusiasts often search far and wide for rare pieces that are sometimes extremely valuable.

Copper Aircraft Weathervanes and Other Unique Decor

Copper aircraft weathervanes are indeed copper weathervanes made in the shape of an aircraft. This is just one example of the interesting styles and shapes you might find. Regardless of whether you have fish, rooster, or copper aircraft weathervanes, the function remains to show which direction wind blows. Two and three-dimensional designs provide a wide selection for collectors.

Cupolas are often associated with weathervanes, since the little cupola rooftops are a perfect spot for a weathervane. These dome structures are commonly seen on American barns, as well as stables, churches and cathedrals. A charming addition to any rooftop, the cupola was originally designed to offer better air circulation, and to provide another source of light in a structure.

Along with weathervanes, finials are another ornament frequently adorning the tops of cupolas. Usually affixed to the apex of a tower, gazebo, or turret, the finial helps to weatherproof the structure underneath. Finials also come in a variety of designs, from the most basic to extravagant shapes. Another common item that uses the finial are outdoor lamps.

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