Custom Mailboxes

Written by Patty Yu
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Personalizing your home and garden decor with custom mailboxes, weathervanes, and other accessories is easier than ever in this age of technology. Instead of spending countless hours browsing flea markets, stores, and yard sales for truly unique items, the Internet is now an excellent resource to search for interesting accessories. At the touch of a button, you can shop through thousands of pieces.

Custom Mailboxes, Weathervanes, and Other Decor

We've all seen what basic mailboxes look like and most people are happy with the traditional appearance. However, many people enjoy looking for custom mailboxes to add some flair to their property. You still put outgoing mail (and receive mail) in custom mailboxes, but you can be reaching into a miniature house, an animal shape, or some abstract art to collect your mail!

Another interesting and functional decorative ornament that can be customized is the weathervane. Weathervanes have been around for centuries, but always serve the same purpose--showing wind direction. From the center, weathervanes must have equal mass, but unequal area. These two design characteristics ensure accurate rotation toward the direction wind blows.

Other beautiful adornments for the home and garden are cupolas and finials. Cupolas are small domed structures that we commonly see on church, barn, and gazebo tops. Functionally, cupolas allow light into a structure, and provide better air circulation. The little cupola roofs are a perfect spot for a finial or weathervane. Finials, which are ornamental caps, protect the apex of architectural structures from weather damage.

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