Deer Weathervanes

Written by Patty Yu
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From deer weathervanes to glass finials, there are an endless number of options when decorating the home and garden. Many of these ornaments are available in traditional styles, but weathervane manufacturers have been creating unique pieces throughout history. Antique weathervanes are sometimes extremely valuable, and look great mounted on a charming cupola!

Deer Weathervanes, Cupolas, and Glass Finials

When I say "deer weathervanes," what I describe is a weathervane designed in the shape of a deer! These are not uncommon, and animal shaped weathervanes are in high demand. In two and three-dimensional designs, flag, witch, and deer weathervanes are just a small sample of possible shapes! Although decorative, weathervanes are also intended to show wind direction.

You'll often see weathervanes mounted on the top of a cupola, which is a little structure built on rooftops with its own little roof and ceiling. We commonly see cupolas on barns, stables, churches, and cathedrals. Bell cupolas are especially common atop churches and schools! Cupolas allow hot air to escape from the space below, and can also be made to allow extra light into the structure.

Sometimes, rather than weathervanes, you'll see finials affixed to a cupola. Finials, like weathervanes and cupolas, have had a big presence in many architectural periods. These ornamental caps cover the apex of various structures like towers, gazebos, turrets, and cupolas. By covering the apex of a structure, the finial protects the apex from weather damage and creates a visually appealing effect.

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