Fence Finials

Written by Patty Yu
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Choosing outdoor accessories can be overwhelming with all the choices such as fence finials, copper weathervanes, and handcrafted cupolas. Home and garden retailers sometimes offer a pretty good selection of outdoor adornments, but many people also enjoy browsing flea markets and yard sales for some rare finds. Many collectors now also turn to the Internet as a large resource for items like fence finials.

Roof and Fence Finials, Weathervanes, and Cupolas

Finials are ornaments that cap the tips of various architectural structures, including roof apexes, towers, and gazebos. The purpose of a finial is to provide weatherproofing, since water can accumulate at the apex of structures and cause damage. Fence finials are also used to protect the wood on beautifully crafted fencing. You can also find lamp finials on outdoor lamps.

Some of the most common outdoor accessories are weathervanes, which not only decorate a yard, but also show wind direction. Designed specifically so that the ornament is equal in mass, but unequal in area from the center, crosswinds push the weathervane's tail end until the nose points in the wind direction. Weathervanes come in a variety of shapes, including fish, rooster, or horse ornaments.

Cupolas are also popular outdoor adornments, especially found on rooftops. Built as little dome structures with a small roof, cupolas are commonly found on barns, stables, and gazebos. Cupolas can be built onto an existing structure for aesthetic purposes, but many are built into a structure so that it acts as a skylight, as well as provides a release for hot air.

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