Handcrafted Cupolas

Written by Patty Yu
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From handcrafted cupolas to rooster weathervanes, there are countless ways to add liveliness and decor to the home and garden. Many outdoor adornments are both functional and decorative, like the weathervane, cupola, and finial. Throughout history, these items have held a significant presence in many architectural periods, and many original pieces still display grandly on historical buildings.

Handcrafted Cupolas, Plus Finials and Weathervanes

Handcrafted cupolas are usually small dome structures that mount a rooftop. We see cupolas all the time on buildings and in imagery, although many people probably have never heard the name "cupola." Most commonly seen on barns, churches, and stables, cupolas are sometimes built with a bell underneath. When I think of cupolas, the first image in mind are small, historic school buildings.

Cupolas are quite decorative, but in early times they were made as a way for extra light to enter the space below it, while hot air escaped out the windows. You'll often see finials capping the apex of a cupola, or some other structure like a tower, turret, or gazebo. Finials are also decorative, but help prevent weather damage to the apex of various architectural structures.

Sometimes you'll also see weathervanes affixed to handcrafted cupolas. Weathervanes are used to show what direction wind is blowing, although styles have evolved tremendously, making these ornaments quite decorative. Animal shapes, comical scenes, and stained glass weathervanes are just a few examples of how weathervane manufacturers express their creativity!

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