Home And Garden Decor

Written by Patty Yu
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There are many options when it comes to home and garden decor, including weathervanes, cupolas, and finials. All of these items have been around for centuries to provide both decoration and function. There is evidence of weathervanes that date back to ancient Greece, while they and both cupolas and finials hold a significant presence in many different architectural periods.

An Intro to Home and Garden Decor Items

Many people enjoy weathervanes as home and garden decor for their fine crafted ornaments and functional purpose. Weathervanes are made so that the ornament rotates on a ball bearing as wind pushes against it to point in the wind direction. The trick is to design the weathervane so that there is equal mass, but unequal area from the center of the piece.

You'll often see weathervanes adorning cupolas, a domed structure built on rooftops. These are commonly found on churches, cathedrals, American barns, stables, and are usually made of wood, with metal or shingle roofs. Cupolas are a charming addition in home and garden decor, but also serve to allow light into the structure, as well as provide release for hot air.

Finials are also interesting decor for the home and garden. These caps are place on the apex of various architectural structures like towers, cupolas, gazebos, and turrets. The tops of a finial can be designed in many creative shapes and materials for an artistic or traditional look. Not only are they attractive, but finials also serve to prevent weather damage.

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