House Weathervanes

Written by Patty Yu
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One way to decorate you home exterior is with house weathervanes that come in a variety of styles and shapes! House weathervanes, like many outdoor accessories, are widely used when decorating the home and garden, but also functional. As the weathervane provides aesthetic appeal to your yard, it also shows you what direction the wind is blowing.

Understanding House Weathervanes, Cupolas, and Finials

Harden weathervanes can be made into many styles, but designers must make sure to incorporate specific physical properties when designing the ornament. From the center of the piece, the weathervane ornament must be equal in mass on each side. Again, starting from the center, the piece must also be unequal in area on either side. These characteristics ensure rotation accuracy.

Often associated with weathervanes are cupolas, which are charming additions to outdoor decor. Cupolas can be mounted on rooftops, and are best known adorning barns, churches, and gazebos. The small dome structures can include a bell, like you frequently see on churches and schools. Now used more for decoration, cupolas are also good as a skylight, while also providing air circulation.

Commonly used for decorating the home and garden are also finials. Usually attached to the apex of structures like cupolas, towers, gazebos, fencing, and lamps, finials help weatherproof architecture by capping the tops of structures. Throughout history, finials, cupolas, and house weathervanes have held a strong presence in a number of architectural periods.

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