Patchen Horse Weathervanes

Written by Patty Yu
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Countless options are available when choosing decor for the home and garden, from patchen horse weathervanes to glass finials. Weathervane manufacturers always made very traditional styles, but many also created unique, interesting pieces throughout history. Collectors create great demand for antique weathervanes, and contemporary work often increases in value too.

About Patchen Horse Weathervanes, Cupolas, and Finials

When explaining "patchen horse weathervanes," the described object is indeed a weathervane designed in patchen horse shape! These are quite common, especially with such great demand for animal shaped weathervanes. Fish, rooster, and patchen horse weathervanes are only a very small sample of design possibilities! Not only are weathervanes decorative, but they also serve to show wind direction.

Cupolas are another cute decorative option known as the little structures built on rooftops. We often see cupolas adorning the tops of barns, stables, and churches. For instance, you've probably seen imagery of schools and churches with bell cupolas on the rooftops! Cupolas are often designed to allow hot air an escape from the windows, which can also provide extra light into the space below.

Finials, like weathervanes, are often affixed to the tops of cupolas and have held a strong presence in many architectural periods. These ornaments cap, or cover, the apex of many architectural structures like cupolas, towers, gazebos, and turrets. Covering a structure's apex helps to protect it from weather-induced damage, while also creating an aesthetically appealing effect.

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These are wonderful the chalk dogs,and the covered bridge(we don't have anything like that in the UK).Thanks for the comment on my blog.It means a lot that I'm not alone in feeling that way.I love your textiles .they're full of energy and exude happiness :-)