Witch Weathervanes

Written by Patty Yu
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From witch weathervanes to patchen horse weathervanes, collectors worldwide search far and wide for antique and contemporary work. Antique weathervanes are sometimes quite valuable, while fine contemporary weathervanes hold great potential for increasing in value. To the non-collector, weathervanes are a functional, yet decorative ornament perfect for adding life to the home and garden.

Styles: Sports, House, or Witch Weathervanes?

Since ancient Greek times, weathervanes have served to show wind direction and provide decorative purpose. As long as the ornament is designed with a few specific physical characteristics, the weathervane will accurately point in the direction wind blows. This is achieved by keeping the ornament's mass equal from the center, and the area unequal from the center.

When making a weathervane, the ornament spins on a rod with a ball bearing inside atop a fixed rod. Directional lettering (north, south, etc.) is often secured on the fixed part of the mounting rod to show which direction the ornament points. Weathervanes are commonly affixed to rooftops, but there are many other creative ways to display these ornaments.

Throughout history, weathervane styles have evolved to depict various animals, objects, scenes, and designs. Many are made with an arrow and some type of banner design on the back end. Other weathervanes are shaped like specific objects, people, or animals, like fish weathervanes, witch weathervanes, or sporting shapes. Swapping out ornaments during different festivities is possible, such as using witch weathervanes during Halloween!

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