Contemporary Window Treatments

Written by Amy Hall
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Contemporary window treatments are not just for contemporary style houses. Even very old homes can be updated with window treatments from this day and age, and look absolutely fabulous. You can pair just about any type of window treatment design with practically any type of window, even hard-to-fit windows.

Let's say your home is a New England colonial built in the 1800s. Perhaps your windows sport lace or fabric curtains that look decent but don't filter light well. Or maybe you have outgrown that look and want to try something that will add some warmth and texture, while still keeping in tune with the overall look and feel of the house.

Choosing Contemporary Window Treatments

Well, do not fret that you will be locked into one look, simply because of the style and age of your home. Did you know that you can choose woven wood shades that look right at home in practically any home, even a 200 year old colonial? It's true, whenever you add wood shades to the mix, the end result is a room that looks warm and inviting.

Or perhaps you want to stick with fabrics, but want to update the look. Popular choices among curtains these days include linens, silks, and even velvet, which can make a statement with their elegant simplicity. Any home can look better when custom window treatments are introduced, as they tie in all the elements of design and make a room look spectacular.

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