Custom Window Treatment

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Custom window treatments give home decorators final authority over the look and feel of any given room. They give folks with unusual window dimensions the freedom to treat them "just so," or to put a unique spin on a traditional window. Depending on the approach, custom window treatments can make windows the focal point of the room or bring them into balance to coordinate gracefully.

Educate Yourself about Window Treatment Options

When thinking about custom window treatments, let your mind first run wild. Grab every magazine you can find, and arm yourself with a manila folder, a marker and a set of scissors. Cut out every page that features a room with a window. Don't worry about whether it seems to your taste or not. This is the time to free yourself to see all the possibilities. Make notes about what you see: "I like how this cellular shade filters light--everything looks tranquil," or, "That patterned fabric curtain looks so heavy!"

For instance, you may never have considered bamboo shades for your living room. But you may find that the warm wood makes an otherwise stark room look cozy. Note whether the shades are mounted inside or outside the frame. Also, compare the colors of the shades, blinds or curtains to the wall paint or wallpaper colors. Do you think they work or not? Don't overlook the color of the window frame, either, and how it coordinates with the window treatment. For example, white venetian blinds may look crisp and cool within white painted window frames. Brown venetian blinds within white frames, on the other hand, can give a homey, arts and crafts design quality.

After you're fully confident that you know exactly what you want and why, go window-shopping (as it were) on the Internet. A few hours of research can make eliminating the wrong options much easier, and give you confidence that you're making the right choice. Further, you can be very specific with the retailers as to what you're looking for.

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