Decorating Window Treatment

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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When considering a new look for any room in your house, don't overlook the dramatic difference that the right window treatment can have on the overall quality of any living space. The way one decorates a window can impart a sense of grandeur or simple homeyness. Clever window treatments can help make a too-large room appear cozier, or help a cramped room appear spacious.

Window Treatments for Big and Small Rooms

For those of you wanting to make a small space seem bigger, consider the entire wall, not just the window. By hanging window treatments high, all the way up to where the wall meets the ceiling, you can trick the eye into believing there's more space than there really is. By lifting the "eye-line," the whole room opens up.

Another trick is to opt for neatly pleated, tailored curtains, again hung high, or installing crisp, Roman shades within the window. In terms of fabrics, stick to solids rather than patterns. If you want to convey a light, airy feel, stick with sheers or light-weight materials. If you want warmth and/or drama, consider textured, upholstery-weight fabrics.

For rooms that feel too big, patterns are your friend. Consider paisleys and Indian fabrics, chintzes or wavy stripes. Size and scale are what you're looking for, so you might even consider enormous, billowy taffeta curtains that look like ballgowns grazing the floor. If you have a huge picture window and you want to "break" the line up, you might consider several heavy canvas roman panels in sophisticated neutrals. Rich colors, though, should also be considered, since they make large spaces appear more intimate. Deep reds, siennas, cinnamons, and cranberries warm up a space, making even barn-like areas feel warm and inviting.

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