Discount Shutters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Depending on their style, shutters may imply a feel of old-world wealth, traditional solidity, or a charming beach-cottage sensibility. Always an impressive window treatment, shutters manage to be both masculine and elegant. First made popular in homes that had to deal with a variety of extreme weather conditions, shutters offer privacy, noise reduction, and excellent protection from sun, wind and rain. Single panel varieties (those without sun louvres) even provide an extra layer of home security.

Rich, dark wood plantation-style shutters placed on the interior windows of any room convey an old-Florida feel: cool and relaxed. Ivory or white bi-fold shutters look charming in any environment. Double hung shutters are particularly refreshing in kitchens and bathrooms. Regardless of style, shutters provide unsurpassed privacy, heat and light blocking, and, thanks to their louvered panels, allow owners to play with shadows and light with unparalleled variety.

Shutter Materials: Plenty of Options

There are a variety of materials from which shutters may be made. Wood is of course the gold-standard, but as such, they are the most expensive. Painted wood is a popular option, but the drawback here is that the color of the paint on the sun-side, may become faded or chipped over time. As a result, repainting and regular touch-ups may be necessary to keep a "fresh" appearance.

For those that desire shutters but aren't rolling in their own inherited wealth, those made of composite (rather than solid) woods or from vinyl may be the perfect solution. Vinyl shutters, in fact, are the most affordable, and the most easy and inexpensive to maintain. Vinyl shutters, unlike their more prestigious counterparts, have superior resistance to warping and other moisture damage, and their colors will never fade. And unless you've got exceptionally inquisitive house-guests, a routine examination would hardly reveal that they're not made from precious hardwoods.

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