Mini Blinds

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Decorating with mini-blinds is a dicey proposition. To their credit, they're highly affordable. They also block out light and heat effectively. They even come in a variety of colors to match nearly any environment.

Mini Blinds: Maxi Style Questions

Unfortunately, thanks to their enormous popularity in the 1980s, they can also look very dated. The key is to find ways to use them cleverly, using scale and color as your guidelines. Mini-blinds can be fun, but they should not be tossed on any window willy-nilly--think about what blinds would really suit your room.

Small windows in bathrooms offer the chance to use mini-blinds to great effect. Selecting a bold accent color, like a bright orange, sunshine yellow or cobalt blue makes for a nice punch of color. Kitchen windows are another prime spot for brightly colored mini-blinds. Tomato reds against white walls can look fresh, or black against pale yellow walls can look quite chic, and vaguely French.

Bedrooms become more dangerous territory, as mini blinds can end up making an otherwise romantic space look dated. This is not to say that mini-blinds can't be effective and attractive. However, they must be used deliberately. Select strong colors, and hang them within the frame. Don't cover them with other treatments. Let them be their own statement. If you're not wanting to make a statement about '80s chic, then you might want to consider other treatment options, such as shutters, cellular shades, Roman shades, or the classic wide-slat Venetian blind.

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