Natural Window Shades

Written by Amy Hall
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Natural window shades bring the beauty of nature into your home. You can choose shades that are made out of bamboo, sisal, straw, rattan, and grass cloth. These materials offer varying textures that look fabulous against your windows and walls, and can truly turn a nice room into an exceptional room.

Natural woven wood shades create a warm and inviting environment, with a casual yet elegant sophistication. Natural window shades are reminiscent of warmer, tropical climates, such as those found in Africa, the Caribbean, and the southern and southwestern portions of the United States. These shades offer excellent light filtration and privacy, and they most certainly make any room look richer and more inviting.

Natural Window Shades for Casual Sophistication

If you think that natural shades would not fit into your decor, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The great thing about natural shades is that they are so versatile, because they offer casual elegance that looks great with any style furniture you have. People use them in their contemporary homes, in their New England style homes, as well as in Mediterranean-inspired or log cabin homes.

Natural materials just add so much texture and warm richness to any home that you can't go wrong. If you are looking for elegance, simplicity, and warmth, opt for natural shades in various colors and styles to make your house a symbol of your unique personality and taste. You can find natural shades online and through traditional retailers that sell window treatments.

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