Remote Control For Blinds

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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There are many circumstances which make remote blind control a major convenience. Architectural issues, safety, and mobility concerns are but three which completely justify a "point and click" technology for opening and closing window treatments. Remote control devices can control not only the raising and lowering of blinds and shades, but can even maneuver the position of the louvered slats.

Many homes feature beautiful windows placed high in cathedral ceilings or on upper landings. Opening and closing window treatments in these spots is inconvenient at best, dangerous at worst. No one wants to climb up and down a ladder twice a day. As a result, most people leave these window treatments permanently open or closed, sacrificing either energy, or views, full-time.

Independence at the Touch of a Button

Other people have mobility issues, and would immensely benefit from this kind of remote technology. In particular, those confined to bed-rest or those who have minimal freedom of movement always appreciate the independence technology offers. For arthritis sufferers who may be able to get up and down with ease but feel pain making even the simplest hand-movements, being able to pick up a remote to open and close the blinds would be an immense relief.

Remote blind controls are surprisingly affordable. Usually, one remote can control all the blinds in one house--provided, of course, they come equipped with the compatible infrared equipment. Surprisingly, many newer shades feature this as a built-in component, whether or not they are sold with a remote as part of the kit. Prices may range from $25 to over $100. Remote blind controls may be found in home improvement stores, window treatment retail shops, and online home decoration outlets.

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