Roman Shades

Written by Amy Hall
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Simply put, roman shades are classy and elegant. These shades are mounted on a wood headrail and it forms accordion pleats as it is raised. Roman window shades look beautiful in any home, and blend in with a variety of home furnishings, colors, and patterns.

Choose from a wide selection of window treatment designs, including woven wood, bamboo, fabric, or even reed or grass. Roman shades are created with one idea in mind, to allow light in, look elegant, and be trouble-free to operate. These window shades are perhaps the easiest of all the shades to operate, as they can raised and lowered with total ease. The continuous loop lift system is one option which allows you to raise heavier shades easily. Or the bottom up/top down option allows you to raise the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top.

Versatile and Stylish Roman Shades

These shades look just as nice in the bathroom as they do in the bedroom or living room. There versatility and aesthetic appeal are perhaps what make them so attractive to people. In addition, their ability to be created using various materials adds to the appeal because you are not stuck with using only fabric or only wood.

Roman window shades can also be combined with other window treatments for a layered effect. Use them alone for simple, clean lines on your windows, or use them in conjunction with valances, or panels made out of fabric for a more dramatic effect. Whichever way you choose to display them, you cannot go wrong with roman window shades in your home.

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