Roman Shades

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Roman shades are just lovely. When lowered, they present a smooth appearance. When raised, they appear elegant in any position. These versatile shades have maintained a high level of popularity, and can be found in a range of colors and fabrics.

Unlike regular shades which feature cords along the sides, the cords of Roman shades run the length of the back of the drape. When drawn up, the fabric is gently pulled upward, looking vaguely scalloped. In terms of feel, roman shades are the most "feminine" of the blind family.

Room with a View, Indeed

Roman shades come in nearly every fabric type and quality you can imagine. Chintzes, muslins, linens, light to heavyweight cottons, raw silks, velvets, upholstery fabrics, even suit fabrics--you name it, you can Roman-shade it. Depending upon your choice of fabric, you can either gently filter light or block it completely.

Obviously, the more delicate the fabric, the more time and care is needed for maintenance. Because of the exposed cords in the back, hand-washing is problematic and time consuming. Many people opt to Scotchguard their most delicate fabrics, and then regularly vacuum them to remove dust. Steaming is another option. Though they require a little more care, day in and day out they deliver great style and panache. Even when fully lowered, a Roman shaded window delivers a great view.

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