Southwest Window Treatments

Written by Amy Hall
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Southwest window treatments probably make you think of brightly hued fabrics with Mexican-inspired patterns and designs. Well, you are correct in your thinking because these design components do draw their inspiration from the Southwest. However, don't limit your thinking to this one idea, because there are many window treatments available that would surely enhance the look and feel of any southwestern home.

New Mexico, for example, has a climate that can be both scorching hot and freezing cold. Therefore, window shades that can filter sunlight, and add a touch of insulation are a big hit in this part of the country. Wood shades and shutters are great ideas in this case because they filter sunlight, protect your privacy, and add a bit of warmth to any room.

Southwest Window Treatments Offer Versatility

But, if you just cannot let go of the whole idea of using fabric in your window treatments, than you will be thrilled to know you can coordinate fabric window treatments with other treatments for a completely different look. Some people opt for woven wood shades that are great at filtering light, and then add a fabric valance over top for some added character and drama. This is becoming a very popular design idea because it brings texture and richness into your home.

But don't feel like you have to go this route if it's not what you really want. You can opt for bamboo shades, sun shades, vertical shades, or simple fabric curtains made out of linen or cotton. The great thing about southwest window treatments is that you are the one in charge and the final decision is up to you. So have fun and decorate to your heart's delight.

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