Window Blinds And Shades

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Window blinds and shades are among the most popular trends in window treatments in contemporary home design, and not just because they look great. New designs allow window blinds and shades to raise from below or be lowered from the top, allowing for maximum versatility in terms of privacy and light control. Plus, new materials and design construction have powerful impact on home energy consumption.

Cool in More Ways Than One

For people who live in ground floor apartments, opening a set of traditional shades or blinds to let the sun shine in, means also allowing the eyes of every passerby in as well. Many people sacrifice either privacy to enjoy the view, or the view to enjoy privacy. New shade and blind designs, however, allow users to open the blinds from the top of the window, meaning they can enjoy a clear view of sky and sun, and still wander around in their undies, completed guarded from prying eyes.

New materials technologies have also upped their energy effectiveness. Cellular shades in particular block up to six times more heat than a bare window. This can cut down on energy costs dramatically, and also keep home-dwellers much more comfortable on high temperature days, without having to resort to turning on the AC.

Many blinds and shades are also made from so-called "smart" materials, which absorb not only heat, but sound as well. This particular feature is particularly attractive to urban apartment dwellers, anyone that has a bedroom window which may face a busy street, or those who work from home. Reducing exterior noise can boost relaxation, concentration, and overall home tranquility. Considering their effectiveness alone, window blinds and shades have the power to make homes cooler and calmer, making them beautiful in both form and function.

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