Window Shutters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Window shutters may be the very best option available for nurseries and young children's rooms. They're durable, nearly maintenance free, and come in a rainbow of colors. But most importantly, where young children are concerned, they are safe.

Unlike blinds, shades, and some drapes, window shutters have no dangling cords in which a child could become caught and be strangled. It's a horrible thing to consider, but the fact is that statistics show that one child dies every two weeks from this avoidable tragedy. Window shutters, on the other hand, with their solid construction, pose no dangers of strangulation, and offer parents peace of mind when they close their child's bedroom door at night.

Peace of Mind in Rainbow Colors

And, on a lighter note, kids love all the colors that shutters display. Vinyl shutters, in particular, are great in kids' rooms--they clean up with a little water or spray cleanser. Their colors never fade. They never chip, and they never warp.

Plus, vinyl shades come not only in sophisticated colors like cream, oatmeal, black and brown, but also fire-engine red, sapphire blue, kelly green, princess pink, and citrus orange. Happy primary-colored walls and wallpapers are perfectly matched by these cheerful window treatments, and they create the impression of a "kids' zone" almost immediately upon installation. Vinyl window shutters create visual "fun" for the wee ones, and provide peace of mind for grown-ups.

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