Window Treatment Design

Written by Amy Hall
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A window treatment design is highly flexible, and completely in the hands of you. Choosing window treatments has perhaps never been more fun, simply because there is a plethora of design styles from which to choose. You can even browse through online catalogs from the comfort of your home to get an idea of what would look best on your windows.

Gaining in popularity is the wood window treatment design. Typically, these treatments come in the shade-style, and can be rolled up or down using a cord. However, there are also cordless versions of woven wood shades that are great if you have small children in the house.

Choosing a Window Treatment Design for Your Home

Wood window treatments tend to be popular because their rich, warm tones add casual elegance to just about any room in your home, even the bathroom! In addition, wood adds texture, which can be a great way to add a bit of depth to your decor. But don't feel constrained by wood shades if they simply don't appeal to you.

There is a host of other styles available that can bring out the colors and tones of your furniture and walls. Window treatments are meant to enhance a room, not overpower a room. Therefore, when choosing a design for your windows, keep in mind this fact so that people don't just notice your windows, but the entire room.

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