Window Treatment Patterns

Written by Amy Hall
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Window treatment patterns are essentially the type of style and design you choose for fabric window dressings. While natural window shades are very popular these days, many people still prefer the look and feel of fabric window treatments. Such treatments can include valances, swags, panels, and traditional tie-back curtains.

Some people combine treatments by placing a valance over a panel. The point is, fabric window dressings are just one example of a classic window treatment design. These treatments can look lovely in any room, and add character and warmth and appeal to just about any type window.

Choosing Window Treatment Patterns

There is just a massive selection of window treatment patterns and styles to choose from that you can spend days, weeks even, looking at fabric swatches and sample catalogs. The best way to determine what will look good in your home, is to look around at the decor you currently have in your house. Also look at the walls and the color paint you have on them or the wallpaper you have up.

If you are decorating a room that has brightly colored walls, in say, a deep Tuscan yellow/orange, you might opt for a fabric that has a subtle color and design to it. Or perhaps not, you may want a brightly hued cornflower-blue fabric with red and green flowers on it, similar to what you would see in a Provencal farm house. The point is, you can really be as eccentric or subdued as you want to be when you are looking at patterns and fabric for your window treatments.

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